The art of gilding

We’ve always been drawn to gold. But not only is it expensive, it’s too soft and too heavy a metal for practical use on its own. So started the art of gilding. 

 The Egyptians gilded wood and metals, both statuary and more functional items. The first gilding was seen in Rome when they began to gild the ceilings of their temples and palaces. Luxury advanced on them so rapidly that very soon we see all, even private citizens, gild the walls, vaults, and other parts of their dwellings. An age of gilt.

The ancient Chinese developed the gilding of porcelain, which was taken up by French and other European potters. The European elite gilded their rooms, their furniture and their tableware. For centuries, it was an ostentatious symbol of wealth and the luxurious lifestyle it allowed. Gold and champagne lived hand in hand. They still do!

 Jean-Christophe, artist and specialist in gold leaf for twenty + years, former president of the national union of gilders, first worked gold leaf in a traditional way before founding Gold Emotion, creating a selection of exclusive products with 24k gold. We specialise in personalising your corporate or private gifts in gold. Tell us what you want, and our team of specialists will give it their skill.

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