The trend of gold flakes being includes in food and drink

Gold flakes have become a popular addition to luxury meals, and chefs all over the world are adding gold to their food, be it in the form of flakes, leaves, or in powdered form. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a luxury restaurant that doesn’t have a dish that includes some form of gold. Lots of wine and drink providers love adding gold flakes to their drinks for that elegant sparkling look.

Interestingly enough, gold in food and drinks doesn’t actually make a difference taste-wise. Gold is an inert metal, so it doesn’t react with any of your body’s chemicals. This includes enzymes on your tongue or chemicals in your digestive system. It’s perfectly healthy to add gold flakes to your meal for that added touch of luxury and display. Gold flakes are becoming increasingly popular, and they never fail to strike up a conversation.

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